Damn Mondays

Running late today.

It's snowing again dammit. Schools are already closed in the county. Traffic will be a joy.

I was going to write up a post on a Ready Belt. A belt based system that is ready and loaded up, just in case. Kind of like a BOB but smaller.  Think of a Batman Utility Belt!


This pic is an example.

What should it have?

Mags, knives, multi-tool, first aid, holster, 3 power bars, radio, flashlight, what else?

I can see a couple D-rings there.

--What else should it have?


That Guy said...

a couple of Zip ties and paracord in one of the pouches. Both of those are extremely handy to have.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Canteen and Cup, Space Blanket, 3 different ways to make Fire.

But you are so close to the old, pre-Molle Army ALICE LBE Pistol Belt in your thought process. So I'd add a set of Shoulder Straps to help with the Weight.

But one could just hit the Surplus Stores and build one. MOLLE Pouches do fit over the Pistol Belt, you don't need to buy a separate Vest, or go Pure ALICE. Mixing and Matching works fine.

Bobby Nations said...

I second the suspenders suggestion. That looks like a lot of weight riding on your hip bones.

Don't forget water.

Stretch said...

My belt would need at lest 6 more inches in length.

Old NFO said...

Shoulder straps for sure... And what ever YOU need.