TBolt was ringing the 18 steel gong at 250 yards with his M1A like a monk. All those Zombie missions have paid off in spades when it comes to that .308!

The iron sights on this baby are excellent. The trigger is smooth. I even picked it up and hit that gong four times in a row.

Now that we have discovered this new range we will be doing more training at long distances.

I wish I had brought my Armalight AR-10 and my Savage 110FP.

I love Steel targets. I am going to get a few gongs of various sized. I love the satisfying feedback of that resounding BING!

--Gotta remember to bring my the spotting scopes next year!!


Andy said...

I missed all the fun with the M1. But this makes me want to buy one.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Got to thinking. The Beretta Storm? What if you added a 3x or 5x Magnifier behind the Eotech? Then replaced the Front Grip with one of those Grip Pods that have the built in Bipod? 350 yards maybe?

JB Miller said...

I have a 3x magnifier. You really don't need it for 100 yards.

When I had the EOTech on my AR15 it really needed it.

Old NFO said...

Good post, and that is a nice rifle!