Movie: Defiance

I finally got to see the movie Defiance. Lots of good classic firearms content.

This movie made me want an MP40 really bad! They seem to old about 500 rounds before running out. The plot was based on a true story.  My favorite line was, "Women need guns too."

The drifting languages and accents was a bit distracting.

The Miller Rating: 7 of 10

Here is the list of guns from the Internet Movie Firearms Database:


Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually got to fire a MP40 during my WW2 Re-enacting Days. I liked it a lot.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The MP40 may be the one firearm I enjoyed shooting over any other firearm, ever. Truly a joy, plus the novelty of the full auto. More fun than Newbius' Drilling even. More fun than an MG42.

Hey, why are 3 German guns in my top 3?

Andy said...

Defiance is a really good movie, if you ask me. It really does demonstrate the need for an armed civilian populace.

Too bad Daniel Craig is an anti-gun shmuck! He makes money in movies where there is lots and lots of gun play but doesn't believe in armed civilians.

Old NFO said...

Andy beat me to it... yet another liberal portraying guns in a movie for $$, then hating on them afterwards!

Kirk said...

Dang. And to think, I used to like Daniel Craig as an actor. Okay, still do, just don't respect him as a human anymore. If he hates guns in the real world, he needs to (heh) stick to his guns in the movie industry as well.

That being said, "Defiance" was an awesome movie, not extremely far off from the actual events. I have nothing but respect for the Bielski brothers, and what they were able to accomplish.