PART 3: How to Buy a Suppressor

My GEMTech Waits Patiently
I got home from work last night to find my ATF Form 4 paperwork package returned in the mail.

The County Sheriff has added his signature to mine, the Class III dealer and dated both copies. The next step is to put the following items together in a package:
  • Two copies of the ATF Form 4 with pics and signatures.
  • Certification of Citizenship Compliance U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(B)
  • Two printed signed and certified fingerprint cards.
  • A check for $200
All of this I will scan as a file copy before it gets mailed.  The process states that payment should be a personal check or money order. Mail it to:

        P.O. Box 530298
        Atlanta, GA 30353-0298

--Took me about 5 minutes and now I wait again. Estimated wait is four months.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Thanks for the info, brother. But don't you find it a little odd that we can walk into a Gun Store (those of us who live in a Free State, that is), plunk down Money, fill out a Form, hand it and our I.D. over to the clerk, and, one phone call later, can walk out the door with a Barret if we wanted to, yet it takes 4 MONTHS to get a Suppressor? Hmm. Time to change the ATF Regs, I think.

Anonymous said...

I think that all firearms should come with a suppressor as the default. All cars come with a muffler.

Vinosaur said...

Congrats. Sadly I live in Illinoisikstan, so no go for me.

Question though. Does a new form / application have to be filled out for each different device or is per person. Say you wanted multiple suppressors or several short rifles or shot guns?

Anonymous said...

One form 4 per device.

JB Miller said...

Anon is correct. Every device requires it's own ATF Form 4 including the device serial number. And more importantly a check for $200!