Cx4 Trigger

Cx4 Storm .40
At the recent Blogshoot in West Virginia I was lucky enough to shoot a lot of various firearms.

I was paying particular attention to the trigger action on the various guns I was shooting.

OLD NFO has guns that have triggers that are soft and smooth as butter. The comparison to the trigger on my Cx4 was dramatic.

I never thought the trigger on the Cx4 was all that bad until that day. It felt absolutely sandy by comparison. I will be making a project out of smoothing out the trigger on this firearm.

--I still love it. It couldn't be that bad! I was ringing the gong at 250 yards, even with the sandy trigger.


MSJ said...

I've done a good trigger job on my 10/22 by dumping mags for 20 years.

Anonymous said...

--I still love it. It couldn't be that bad! I was ringing the gong at 250 years, even with the sandy trigger. Would that be lightyears? If so you are an amazing shot.

Old NFO said...

Marty, a GOOD trigger does make all the difference in the world, and that WAS still a good shot! Mine were worked on by really good gunsmiths, and their experience is what you felt!

Murphy's Law said...

So...when you bringing it back out?

MSgt B said...

You're killing me.
I was doing work stuff that Saturday morning. That sucked by itself, and got even worse when I started reading everyone's posts about the trip.
Then you post pictures of a gun that's been on my "want" list for years.
Now I know what "Green with envy" really feels like :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Part of me is saying "if it ain't Broke, Don't Fix it."

Yet, we know it'll go 250 yards with the right shooter behind it. And the temptation it go farther is strong.

Are there even any Gunsmiths out there who can do a Trigger Job on the Storm?

What ever you choose, remember, it MUST go BANG every time you pull the trigger.

JB Miller said...

I have polished up and smoothed other triggers in the collection. I think I will start with a careful, full disassemble and sproing chase.

Polish and lube all the parts to bright and shiny to see if that serves.