I was talking to a gun buddy at work and he told me he had the chance to shoot some firearms made by FNH. He has been looking for a new hand gun and really liked the FNP-45 and was very surprised to see it was stamped as being made in Fredricksberg VA.

Fredricksberg VA is only about 30 miles from where I live. I wonder if they would be interested in giving a group of gun bloggers a tour?
     FNH USA Inc - www.fnhusa.com

     59B Jack Ellington Rd
     Fredericksburg, VA 22406

FNH is the maker of the PS90 carbine. I have had this guy on my list for a long time.

--Yet another reason to love Virginia.


Andy said...

I'd be up for a tour.

BTW, check your email dude.

Thomas Smith said...

I've owned a PS-90 and loved it, owed the IRS some bucks and had to give it up. Man I miss that little gun.