Truck Shopping

I am going shopping today for a new pickup truck. Here is the feature set I want!
  1. Full size pickup
  2. Made in the USA
  3. V6 or V8
  4. Extended cab
  5. 8 foot bed
  6. Cap on the back
  7. Gun rack in the window
--Well the gun rack I  can add later.

UPDATE: Mission accomplished! The photo on the right is my new pickup! Dodge Dakota! Happy Fathers Day to me!! 


Bubblehead Les. said...

The Dakota is Full-Sized?

JB Miller said...

It's a lot bigger than my ranger. The bed is 5x7.5. It has a V6 and way better towing capacity. It is a good fit for us.

Laura said...

don't know the age of your Ranger, but at one point they were considered minitrucks whereas the Dakota is a mid-size truck. it's still a baby compared to the Titan, though. :P

AML said...

Sweet, its perfect for you..