Part 1: How to Legally Build a Suppressor

I have my new AR15 SBR that has all the paperwork done as detailed in the series How to Register an SBR.

One thing you should know is that these SBRs are seriously LOUD!

I started shopping for a suppressor. The prices are high: $800 to $1600

I have decided to build a suppressor. The odd thing is that I can't start making it until the paperwork is back. Here is where I start:
There are hundreds of designs already available on the Internet. I think I will start with a .22 LR suppressor. I can decide that later because a design is not required on the form. I do need to tell the the Serial Number: JBM0001

--Might be a collectors item one day!!


Farm.Dad said...

Another avenue is to go the Trust route on registration. If the NFA item is registered to a trust or corporation then there is the option of designating responsible partys who can legally possess the item . It also does away with the Chief Law enforcement signoff on the item .
I don't mean to step on your toes on the issue , and possibly you discussed it on one of the other nfa posts, but If you want your wife/son/brother, ect.. to be able to take the nfa item out themselves its the best way to do it from what i have read .

JB Miller said...

I am planning on setting up a trust. It's a bit more complicated. I will tell you all about it. Another series!!