ZOMG! That's Illegal!

So I got a phone call from the gunsmith yesterday. One of my AR15s is in there for a mod.

The thing is that AR15 is my SBR (post about that soon) and one of the managers saw it on the bench and made a panic call to me, "Sir, do you know it is illegal to build a rifle with a barrel that short without doing a mountain of paperwork getting permission from the ATF as an official Manufacturer?"

"Yes. I know. I showed the smith my approved ATF Form 1 when I dropped it off."

"Ummmm... Let me call you back."

I ended up going back with the form so they could make a copy of the tax stamp to staple to the work order.

Are SBRs so rare that it causes this kind of confusion?

--Anyway, I should get it back this week.

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Farm.Dad said...

I don't blame them for wanting a copy of the paperwork to attach to the work order . Given the well known traits of the BATFE an untimely inspection could well result in at minimum months of expense and headache and quite possibly the loss of license for them if they were accused of being an unlicensed SOT