Fathers Day at the Range

My son took me to the range for Fathers Day!

We started off with handguns. We took a lot of guns this time never knowing what kind of ammo they might have at Clark Brothers. If you buy ammo there you can use their range for free.

We shot my Glock 21, Glock 17, Beretta Px4 .40 and my Ruger SP101 .357mag.

What is "Low Brass" Ammo?
The second hour we did some Skeet Shooting. I hear it's a popular sport and that the President does it all the time.

I bought a case of clays and 100 rounds of 12 gauge. I had my Benelli and my 870. My son was really bad at skeet the last time we went about a year ago. He hit 1 clay out of 25 last time. This time he hit over 30 out of 50. I shot 47 of 50!

The ammo I bought was the budget 12ga number 7 that was "low brass" $8 a box of 25. The very first round I shot through the Remington 870 jammed it solid. The slide would not move. I was really pissed. I installed the recoil reduction stock on that baby and it is a joy to shoot now.

They have a gunsmith on staff and he cleared it for me. It jammed again on the very next round. He told me that Remington 870s have a problem with the "Low Brass" type of round. The Benelli ate that ammo just fine.

--I confess I have never shot low brass ammo. Not buying that again.

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