Blackhawk Knoxx SPECOPS Stock.

I bought the Blackhawk Knoxx SPECOPS Stock and installed it on my Remington 870. It was $81 at

To be honest it was a royal pain in the ass to install. The factory stock came off very easy but the new stock was a hassle to replace.

I don't like special tools to be required. Yes, the tool was included with the kit but will it be there when I need it. It was also an awkward angle so the tool could not turn 360 degrees. It took me 10 mins but it was finally on and tight.

Blackhawk Knoxx SPECOPS Stock
The adjustable stock is excellent. That feature alone really makes it worth it.

It does provide recoil reduction but it turns out I am not the best gauge for the amount of reduction. We need to do a side by side comparison with a standard 870. I was expecting to be bouncy/springy so much so that target re-acquisition would be a problem and it's not.

Bottom line is that I like it! It looks and functions well.  The ergonomics are great.

--It's worth the money.

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Anonymous said...

I suspected this was true. I may get one. Price is right.