Quotes of the Week

Yup, because nothing tells a politician to change course like being the first sitting governor to defeat a recall challenge, and do so by a wider margin than his initial election. 

--Jack, Assorted Meanderings

Gun control is a tough sell when there are zombies and cannibals making headlines.

--Cam Edwards on facebook

"I challenge you"

"And by you, I actually mean me.
The last few times I’ve shot a handgun have been awful. Lately, I just shoot them terribly. And I know why: lack of shooting. We all get busy and have to do stuff to feed the mouths in the house. And my shooting has been slacking off. And, in my case, when I go to the range I usually have a gaggle of newbies or kids that I take and I spend time teaching them. So, the range and I need some alone time. With that, starting next week, I’m going to make it point to hit the range at least once a week, shoot at least 100 rounds and do that until I run through this case of ammo I got sitting in the basement.
Why 100 minimum and why once a week? Because it’s a pretty small time commitment and I have no excuse for not sneaking it in.

Update: And no tag-alongs or newbies. Shooting by myself so I can focus on shooting."

--Say Uncle