When ever I see a book about survival or preparedness at my used book store I pick it up.

I am posting about this one because I can't believe how little time the author spends on firearms.

He states, "I do not recommend the use of firearms for self defense if you have received extensive professional training from the military or law enforcement."

He goes on to recommend, reluctantly, .38 revolvers and shotguns only. He spends a total of 2 pages out of 343 of this book on firearms. He even treads out the cliche of the chambering a round as a deterrence sound. Screw that. The first and last sound an intruder should hear is his head exploding.

I totally disagree with this guy. So does the military and law enforcement apparently.

I believe Glocks and ARs are the way to go. There is a place for revolvers and shotguns as well as sniper rifles and .22s and even pellet guns. 

--The book has a lot of good concepts. Harvest that stuff. Look elsewhere for firearms recommendations.


Erin Palette said...

I've seen this book on Amazon and I've contemplated getting it, but... I so many other books on preparedness that I don't know if there's anything new there. Does it contain lots of redundant info?

Anonymous said...

I buy so many books now from Amazon without a chance to browse them first. It is that kind of thing that would make me not buy a book in a brick and mortar store.

Steve said...

People read books still. Print is dead.

JB Miller said...

Steve, Imagine that TSHTF and it was an EMP attack. All computers dead. Paper looking better now?