Gunsmithin: Part 2

I found a Class III gunsmith near me.

I can now see why it's better to actually go to a smith that has a ton of experience with suppressors.

The Gemtech suppressor I have includes an internal spring and piston system. A different unit is available for a carbine to optimize the sound suppression.

I got a tour of his shop. It's huge. It has a bunch of huge specialty lathes, presses and CNC machines. I swear, if you have the money, they could make you anything.

Anyway, he gave me a rough estimate of the price, with parts. He'll call with an exact estimate and schedule.

--Should be a quick turn around. I will keep you updated.


Matt_Nolin said...

I bought the JR in 9mm. I love that gun. I love it so much I am going to buy a Glock 9mm. I also have my eye on a 100 round mag. I already have a bunch of the 33 rounders.

MSgt B said...

I thought you'd have a lot more trouble finding a guy to do that suppressor work.

Make sure you post pics when it's done.

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