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I don't usually post too much about politics. The echo chamber has better analysts than me.

I will make a few comments about yesterday.

Obamacare and SCOTUS:

I was disappointed but bad legislation results in activating the opposition. That rumble you feel in the force is the closing of millions of Lazy Boy recliners as Tea Party members begin to move. Deficit spending, massive government pork and privacy invasions of this thing is the tigers tail the President has stepped on...

Contempt of Holder:

This is a bigger win than the SCOTUS ruling. Bad legislation can be changed.

Holders was found in Contempt of Congress. This dooms Holder in the long run but more important he has wrapped all this around the Presidents axle. Democrats joined Republicans in the vote. What happens next is not clear. I can't believe the President has not demanded he fall on his sword. They probably have too much dirt on each other.

Anyone else would already be in jail already. Their doors kicked in and documents seized by force. This situation is a disgrace.

--I have to go rinse the bile out of my throat now.


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Better keep a case of Mouthwash handy. Still a LOOONG way to the Election.