Kids and Guns

I already told you about the excellent kid shooting event we had last month. (Kids shooting, not being shot!)

It turns out we are not the only ones who are are teaching their children to be safe and to enjoy shooting!

Texas gun range targets parties for kids 8 and older

By Marice Richter, Lewisville Texas

Parents searching for the perfect place and theme for their kids' birthday parties will soon have another option in Texas: a gun range.Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, Texas, is due to open later this summer and birthday parties will be available to children age 8 and older. Party-goers will get a 30-minute class in gun safety and handling and then will have the opportunity to shoot either a BB gun or a .22 long rifle.

--Teaching kids early is the key.


agirlandhergun said...

I have wondered why there are not more programs geared towards children. I suppose liability, but my daughter would love to be more involved in shooting, formally speaking...not much out there for 8 year old kiddos.

JB Miller said...

I have said it many times. If you want your children to be safe around guns you must teach them how to shoot and how to be safe doing it.

It's like swimming pools. To keep our kids safe we tech them to swim. teach them how to act around pools.

I love my kids and want them safe. They know the Four Rules. They can tell what is a real gun when they hold it.