At work they have these things called SIGs (Special Interest Groups). People get together around a specific topic. They include everything from Weight Watchers to Writers Groups to Cooking to Chess.

This week I got an invite to a Preppers Group. Hurricane Preperations was the initial topic.

Turns out everyone was talking about preparing for the Pending Zombie Apocalypse! Zombies being big in the news in recent weeks.

It was funny how it has become the generic, politically correct way to talk about defensive gun ownership and disaster preparedness. Preps for all kinds of issues.

Zombie Apocalypse preps will basically cover most of the situations. Beans, bandaids and bullets. The SIG plans on weekly meetings, each with a topic: Water, Food, Shelter, First Aid, BOBs, Communications, Firearms, Gear, Transport, Retreats.

The main thing everyone had in common was guns. All were shooters.

--This could be interesting.


jon spencer said...

Sounds like a SIG about SIG's?
Sorry, had to do it.

Weston11 said...

I wish they would do that at my work!

JB Miller said...

I just noticed that the AR on the bottom in that picture will have the same issue as mine did.

I got a nice stock with an adjustable cheek pad only to find the charging handle won't work with it.