Movie: The Avengers

I saw The Avengers recently whilr I was on a business trip and forgot to mention the gun content! I really liked it. I enjoyed the humor and action and the way they managed to weave all the characters into the story.

Sometime I feel like such a Geek when in a movie I get excited by certain firearms showing up. In this movie it happened a couple times. In my head I yelled, "Hey! There is a KRISS Vector!" or "Hey! She is shooting Glocks!"

I enjoyed it!  "Puny God..."

Miller Rating:  7 of 10

Here is the list from the Internet Movie Firearm Database:

--I recommend this movie. It's the perfect summer action flick.


agirlandhergun said...

Cool! I get excited too at the guns I see. I get excited when I can identify them! Never used to be able to do that:)

Sarah said...

Don't forget the awesome butts!