Want: Mossberg MVP Flex

I have been interested in the new class of rifles that are mag fed and compatible with regular AR15 mags. I already have a nice, bolt action, .308 as well as a nice bolt action .22lr, but nothing in between.

Mossberg MVP Flex

Here are the features I really like:
  • It can use a standard 30 round mag. I already have a pile of them.
  • It has an adjustable stock.
  • Several stock options are available.
  • The barrel is threaded and has a standard AR15 flash suppressor.
  • It can use a standard AR15 suppressor.
  • Simple and easy to use. Easy to clean.
  • Picitinny top rail.
My greatest worry about this rig is the cost. Depending on the features you select it can be between $500 and $900 dollars. For the same money you could get a Remington 700 or any of many other excellent bolt action rigs.

--Even so. I really like the look and feel of it.


Erin Palette said...

Yes, but from what I can see, the Rem 700 has only a 5 round internal mag. The ability to use AR magazines is a huge force multiplier IMO.

That Guy said...

Yeah, I want one as well. But not the Flex.... putting an M4 stock on everything is just wrong.

I want the lightweight one, and thread it.

JB Miller said...

Adjustable stocks make me a way better shooter.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Damn. I didn't know Mossie made their MVP TactiKool.

Where's my wallet?