Range Day

I went to Clark Brothers this weekend for a little range time.

It was a quiet day there. The range was nearly empty.

At Clark Brothers you can use the range for free but you have to buy your ammo there.

The reason it was so quiet was that the ammo shelves were so empty. They actually had a bit of .223 but we were limited to one box each.

So it was a short day at the range.

--Next time I go I will take a shotgun and do some skeet shooting.


Old NFO said...

I'd imagine LOTS of places with that requirement and hating life about now...

Laura said...

On Target, the range down in the Severn area of MD, has a one box limit on anything right now. a buddy of mine *can't* practice with his relatively new purchase because he can't get his hands on ammo for it.

Country Tea said...

I was there on Saturday afternoon.

Clark Brothers has lessened their restrictions concerning the ammo because it is hard to come by nowadays.

My DH was able to snag a box of .22 there last week. You just have to get there after the truck gets there.

Stretch said...

I've left a lot of money and brass at Clark Bros.