Woman Calls 911

Washington has really bad 911 emergency. They are constantly in the news with screw ups that cost lives. Emergency services are constantly going to the wrong address. Ambulances often take too long, sometimes with lethal results. It's an old joke in DC. Finger-Point-O-Rama.

When will people understand that it is better to have a gun and not need one than to need a gun and not have one? 

"When seconds count, the cops are minutes away or...they put you hold. A Washington DC woman was recently the victim of a home invasion and when she called the police for help, the 911 operator made her wait. As a reminder, the average crime happens in one minute."

The liberal media is having a fit about discussing gun safes in your kids room. I believe a small gun safe in your kids closet is an excellent idea. In the bathrooms too. It's insurance. You hope you never need it but are damn glad you have it when you call 911 and get put on hold.

--Be the first line of security in your own life.

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Old NFO said...

Point of fact, stay the hell OUT of the District... THAT is a good start!!!