Shooting Skills Enhancement Course

I have been considering taking the course detailed below. Has anyone ever taken this class? Any classes from the Silver Eagle Group?

Shooting Skills Enhancement Course

Course description: 
This will be a four week, 8-session pistol enhancement training course. The shooter will leave here both confident and proficient in handling and manipulating their weapon system, with the skillset to back that up. Our trainers will take shooters from all levels and turn them into smarter, well rounded practitioners.

The course is designed around the natural progression of each individual student. During the training, students will learn to develop the fundamentals of shooting and master the mechanical manipulation of their firearm. Students will learn safety, fundamental manipulation, ballistics, round placement, target acquisition and more.

Once grounded in the fundamentals, students will progress to more dynamic shooting techniques. They will be taught speed reloads, stress shooting, problem solving, dynamic movements and immediate action drills. Through this progression, the student will become a self-confident, knowledgeable shooter. By the end of our course, you will be capable of analyzing situations, solving problems and placing rounds where they need to go, in any situation.

Course dates & times: Tuesdays and Thursdays starting July 5 – July 28 from 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM

Instructor:Paul Sweeney

Paul retired as a Master Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps after twenty years of service as a Force Reconnaissance Marine. Through his extensive operational and training experience, Paul has achieved the ranks of Master Training Specialist, certified by the US Marine Corps. He has designed, implemented and instructed both tactics and firearms training programs for the Maine Corps, the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Special Operations Units and civilians.

Round Count: 400 total for the 4-week course

Required Materials: Handgun, ammo, holster, and two extra magazines with a magazine holster. You may bring your own. Items also available for rent or purchase at Silver Eagle Group.

This course includes eye & ear protection but you may bring your own.

Course Length: 16 Hours Total

Course Price: $199.00


Andy said...

Its good to see Silver Eagle is back to teaching about firearms. But from the course description, it sounds like you'd get the same thing out of attending a couple of local IDPA matches and doing dry fire and draw practices on your own. Just my opinion.

That being said, I've taken pistol classes before at Silver Eagle and always got something out of them. If Jay was still there teaching their IDPA/IPSC course, I'd take that again in a heartbeat.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Always good to take training classes and get a fresh set of eyeballs looking at your form with a critical eye. What range do they shoot at?

JB Miller said...

Silver Eagle has a dedicated training facility. Several Ranges, classrooms and all indoor.

One even has fake Hummers.

JB Miller said...

Take a virtual tour:

Old NFO said...

I've never heard of them... Not that THAT means anything.