"The Day I'll Join the NRA"

I read the following article by Aaron Zelman and found that I agree with every major point.  I will paraphrase/quote them below but I recommend reading the entire article: 


By Aaron Zelman, Founder and Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Ted, the day I’ll join the NRA is…
1. When the NRA announces, from the rooftops, that the police have NO LEGAL DUTY to protect the average American citizen. Time after time, our courts have upheld this.

2. When the NRA aggressively presses to abolish all concealed carry permit laws.

3. When the NRA calls for the complete and unconditional disbanding of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).

4. When the NRA soundly condemns, and works tirelessly to abolish, the “Gun Control Act of 1968”.

5. When the NRA quits kowtowing to authoritarian police bureaucrats and takes a no compromise stand against the increasing paramilitarization of our local and State law enforcement agencies. 

6. When the NRA assertively speaks to our active duty military personnel and respectfully (but emphatically) reminds them that any disarming of innocent Americans is a blatant and evil breach of their oath to uphold and protect our Constitution.

7. When the NRA forcefully and persistently brings up the uncontestable fact that every major genocide of the 20th Century was preceded by “gun control” policies.

8. When the NRA honestly and accurately “grades” politicians for their real position on the Second Amendment. 

Aaron really hammers these points home. All members and board trusties need to hear this message. Hopefully Ted is reading it to them.  I think I may have to look at each one in greater detail and post about them individually.

--I am an NRA Member. I believe I will apply pressure on these same issues from within.


Mad Saint Jack said...

I've only bought the membership to get in the door at the annual meeting.

JPFO is badass.

Shepherd K said...

Can I add to that list?

I will rejoin the NRA the day they fire Wayne LaPierre.

I will rejoin the NRA the day they stop wasting members' money by sending weekly letters (at a substantial cost) begging for more money by using scare tactics and rhetoric.

I will rejoin the NRA on the day that they stop being concerned with the NRA getting all the credit by fighting against other 2A groups who are fighting for our rights.