The Bullet List

The Bucket List -With Guns!
Everyone has heard of the "Bucket List" concept. A list of things to do before you "Kick the Bucket". Recently made more famous by the Movie of the same name. I like the idea of a checklist that items can be added to and checked off when accomplished. I won't share my Bucket list here. That might scare off Christina Hendricks...

It got me thinking about a shooting goal list. I already had one in my head that was seperate from my want list. All I needed to do was to document it! I even came up with the name: The Bullet List
  • Hit a one meter target at a thousand meters.
  • Learn to reload and set up a reloading bench
  • Have a range of my own
  • Get a deer with my .44mag handgun
  • Design and build a remote sentry
  • Fire an M2 on full auto
  • Fire a Chain Gun, full auto, Terminator 2 style
  • Fire a full auto 12 ga shotgun
  • Introduce 100 individuals to shooting (current count is 31)
  • Build a quality, beautiful, muzzle loader pistol and rifle
  • Attend more formal, practical, shooting classes
I think I will need to create a secondary page to document my Bullet List.Somewhere that I can look at it often to remind me.

--I hope I will be updating it as often as my Want List!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Making my own list now.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Great Idea!

That Guy said...

Great Idea. I'll put up a Bullet List of my own soon.

That Guy said...

Here is my list:

45er said...

Awesome idea. That Guy, the one up there brought my attention to this one. I thought I'd give it a shot.