I want this knife!

I saw this at first over at The Black Sunday Society and immediately put it on my Christmas list.

Inside the magazine in the handle is:
  • compartment door is a diamond hone
  • a Leatherman Micro 
  • a magnesium and flint fire starter
  • a needle for sewing
  • a length of synthetic sinew for snares, fishing, sewing, a bow string etc.
  • fish hooks
  • it has capacity for a .45 round
  • and a flashlight is on the lanyard.
Or just keep a spare mag in there for you 1911! 

Mark Knapp has more pics here.

--I hope it is a quality knife. Not a cheesy Rambo style Survival Knife. I have enough of those!

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Anonymous said...

do they cake a glock 9mm version?