Remington 1100 TAC 4

I am liking the look of the Remington 1100 TAC 4. I think this guy has to go on the want list. This shotgun was mentioned by a commenter in my post about the Beretta Tx4 12 ga. I started looking for one and finally saw one. It holds nine shots, has a 22 inch barrel, polymer stock and lots of stocks and other after market upgrades are available.

Remington 1100 TAC 4
A pistol grip is even available. So maybe I won't cut down my model 11. What can I say, I like pistol grip shotguns!! At $760 street price, it goes on the Want List!!

--And no pumping required! Hey, I'm old!


Bubblehead Les. said...

And there's a lot more spare parts and Gunsmithing available (if Needed) with the Remington, also.

Old NFO said...

Good idea Sir!