This is a picture of my brother and his sons taken in 1993. Back then they were a nationally ranked paintball team. These guys were paintball ninjas.

The SWAT Team in Denver CO use to use them for hostage training. In two years they never saved a hostage. Most of the time all the SWAT guys would get killed.

My brother told me the secret was, "Keep moving and you simply cannot care if you live or die. That is the secret to paintball. It's a superpower."

Paintball is a great way to have fun with your kids. It's a great way to stay fit. It makes you get up off the couch and go outside! You can develop skills and tactics. You can bond with friends and family. "It's way more fun than bowling!"

--But most of all it's a great way to meet interesting people, and kill them!

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45er said...

Paintball is so much fun. It has been too long since I've done that. When I see the person in the center of the picture, I hear: "I love the smell of paintball in the morning!"