Primitive Weapons

I have recently taken up primitive archery again. By that I mean long bows. Not compound bows. I already have a compound bow and a compound crossbow.

A friend of mine is a big time SCA Archer. The SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism. Basically they are a bunch of beer drinkers with a history problem.

It's been like 15 or 20 years since I have done any real archery. I did OK. I shot about 200 arrows and didn't miss the target. I was using a 30 pound long bow. Some folks had crossbows too. Big fun.

I will be buying a decent bow this summer. Maybe even do some bow hunting this fall.

--"Gentle Archer ages old, release the aim, free the goal..."


Andy said...

I'd like to get into archery. Of course, I may have just messed up my shoulder which could be a damper on those plans.

Laura said...

Basically they are a bunch of beer drinkers with a history problem.

Oh that's GREAT. I've gotta share that out to the SCA folks I know.

Bubblehead Les. said...

That's MEAD Drinkers. But I must admit, my Archery Skills suck. So Go For Broke!

45er said...

I love archery. I need to get back into it.

stevew said...

Re: really old archery you'll like this (long) post on Yarchive.

Armor piercing, bodkin point, arrowheads, Yew long bows and why they were so good, the range at which English archers engaged their enemies and lots more. Muscles across the back that haven't been seen in centuries. I've had this, mentally, bookmarked for years. (puts me the 'way back' machine to Cleveland in the late 1950s and an American Indian archery instructor at summer camp)

Yarchive is pre-internet straight text, back before http when DARPAnet was it and 'gopher' not Google was the search engine.