The New Addition

I purchased another suppressor yesterday. This one is for my Glock 17.

I purchased an AAC Ti-RANT. I decided on this can because it is designed to be used on other cals as well. Even 300 Blackout.

The internals are heavy duty Titanium and heat treated stainless steel.

So the timer has begun. 
  1. Purchase date - 9/22/14
  2. Obtained 2 passport photos from CVS - 9/22/14
  3. ATF Form 4 completed - 9/22/14
  4. Two fingerprint cards. 9/23/14
  5. Drop off for County Sheriff signature. 9/23/14
Next up is the two fingerprint cards and submission to the County Sheriff.

It is worth noting that the guys at the gun store said that the ATF has more than doubled the staff processing Class III paperwork. They said the goal, after the backlog has been addressed, is to make the process be only 8 weeks.

--We shall see. I will keep you informed!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

How many of your suppressors have interoperability with mulitple firearms?

Wouldn't it be nice to have just one can and it enquietens everything with that thread pitch on the end of the barrel? .22 to .308, to .45?

Bubblehead Les. said...

8 weeks?

Must be an Election year.

JB Miller said...

Two of my suppressors are integral to their firearms.

The .40 cal I have I plan to get the Cx4 Carbine threaded so it can be used on both.

The .45 works on both the Glock 21 handgun, the Roni Carbine and the JR Carbine.

The .308 can will work on both the Remington 700 .308 and my .300 Blackout.

They say this 9mm can will also work on AR15s. It is threaded the same.

Murphy's Law said...

I'm about to drop the package in the mail for a suppressor myself. Wanna race?

JB Miller said...

Mine went to the Sheriff today! GO! It's ON!!

Old NFO said...

I'm STILL waiting on mine to come back Now 6 months and still counting...

JB Miller said...

I am also waiting for one purchased on May 14th.

Murphy's Law said...

Will do. Mine is signed. I just need to put it all in an envelope and take it to the post office. We'll see how this goes.

Murphy's Law said...

Blogged on my end. Good luck!