Friday Random Thoughts

Scotland rejected independence. I hope it doesn't end up resulting in violence. Many people are very spun up about it.

I need to do some scouting for deer hunting season. I have been a slacker so far.

Elite Shooting Sports Center is still not open but they have a Facebook page.

I bought a new threaded barrel for my Glock 17 9mm. I may have to buy a suppressor for it this weekend.

I am going to the Beerfest this weekend. I won't be carrying.

Beware the anti-gun lobby. The have given up on banning "assault weapons" and will shift their focus to harassing gun owners with stupid laws.

Going to the range this weekend.

I will be wearing a kilt.

I am thinking of adding a web comic to this blog once a week. I went to the Small Press Expo last weekend and it kind of inspired me.

This weekend will be full of beer, bourbon, cigars, spicy food, fire, gun and talking like a pirate.

--Happy Friday, Humans!

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Old NFO said...

Enjoy! And the stupid laws just keep on coming...