Another First Time Shooter

Random thoughts regarding my most recent new user:

Take a lot of time before going to the range set expectations. Explain the Four Rules as well as trigger and muzzle discipline.

Let the new shooter wear the advanced hearing protection so they can hear what you say but gunfire is still minimized.

She shot a wide variety of handguns with good control and strong wrists. Everything from a .22LR to a .44mag.

After an hour a new shooters arms get really tired.

Suppressors are great to help new shooters get use to recoil and report.

Seeing a 75 year old woman shooting a .44mag two lanes over was inspirational for this new user. That lady would have let her try her .500mag.

She preferred the revolvers. She did not like the ejecting of the shell casings. The hot brass dance formed that opinion. I even warned her about it in advance so she maintained excellent muzzle and trigger discipline.

I still get the, "I thought silencers were illegal!" comments.

It turned out she was right handed but left eye dominant. I need to research that issue more before our next range. She didn't seem to have a problem but is was odd. She also never missed the paper once.

Next time she wants to try more revolvers and AR15s.

--In all we have another happy shooter.


Sport Pilot said...

W/O knowing her age I can only surmise she was initially left handed and forced to learn to write with her right hand. The simplest approach is to have her shoot enough with her left hand to be natural. Otherwise she's going to adopt some really strange shooting positions. My ex. fell into this category and while competent wasn't comfortable.

Old NFO said...

Congrats! :-)

Ben said...

Ask her to try tilting her head to the right so left eye is over the barrel. Takes a little time to get used to making the left eye actually work as the dominant eye. (she may have been closing her right eye or shifting hands to the left)