More Hidden Storage

I saw this image last night on

This is a DIY stash for a full size AR15. The concept is interesting though unfinished in execution.

I hope this isn't blocking an actual vent for heat or AC. My vents always end up full of dirt and dust.

The important lesson is to know your home. Know the gaps in the walls that can be exploited for hidden storage.

The same idea can also work well for a handgun in a discrete spot.

--Gotta love those handy guys!


Daddy Hawk said...

At first, I was impressed by this idea. Then I got to thinking, I'm the only one in the house that has the reach to get to that in a hurry without a step ladder. Seems like there would be better options.

Old NFO said...

Interesting and I'd have the same concern... dust/dirt...

Anonymous said...

All my vents are 12 inches off the floor in the walls. I'd put one there!