SBR Paper Work Has Arrived

The SBR paperwork finally came in for my Glock 21 Roni project!

It will be a super fun rig but in the end will be pretty damn expensive. Here is the list with basic costs:
    • $550 - Glock 21 .45ACP 
    • $115 - Factory Threaded Barrel
    • $400 - RONI Carbine Kit
    • $1050 - AAC Suppressor
    • $50 - Magpul sights
    • $90 - Tactical Light
    • $100  - Three 27 Round Mags
    • $35 - Single Point Sling
    • $200 - Class III Tax for Suppressor
    • $200 - Class III Tax for Short Barrel Rifle
    Total: $ 2790

    This results in a really compact, light, reliable, powerful and quiet, carbine. Great for the pending Zombie Apocalypse! But is it worth all the money?

    --I will probably add a compact EOTech adding another $400.


    Murphy's Law said...

    Of course is worth it--is gun!

    Daddy Hawk said...

    That just hit my "I MUST HAVE IT NOW!!!" button with a sledgehammer.

    Anonymous said...

    Man, I love your projects. You need to make these for TV shows!

    Old NFO said...

    IF you like it, hell yes it's worth it...

    JB Miller said...

    Well, I Love it!