Guns on Sherlock

Sherlock and his gun as usual
I have just finished binge watching the BBC TV series Sherlock.

It really struck me how the show depicts the casual use and possession of firearms by civilians in the UK. It also shows Sherlock casually firing a handgun at a smile face he drew on the wall  because he is bored.

The villains are armed all the time. The super villains have teams of snipers with suppressed high power rifles all over London.

So many problems are solved by firearms. Doctor Watson even kills a guy and walks away, never admitting it.

I love that show.

--The BBC really seems to Love guns.


Laura said...

i asked my UK-born buddy about it. he believes it's due to the lack of exposure to firearms that people are obsessed with seeing them in TV and movies.

Old NFO said...

Agree with Laura... Strange situation over there...

Anonymous said...

It's like an alternate universe! I love it!

Stretch said...

BBC may like guns but don't do proper research. Moriarty referred to the SIG P226 in Watson's hand as a L9A1. That nomenclature is for the Browning Hi-Power.
And THAT, my friends, is the definition of "gun nerd."