Speaking of Christmas

One of the reasons my wife does not have an issue with my gun collecting is that she is a big collector herself.

She has various collections: Vintage Barbies, PEZ Dispensers, Classic Book Series like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and Christmas Ornaments.

She has so many ornaments we now have eight Christmas trees. Eight trees with a very high density of ornaments per square inch.

Some have themes as well. The kitchen tree has a food and cooking theme, we have an all vintage ornaments tree, we even have one that has campers and guns as a theme.

--Well that one has a singing pickle as well. TBolt bought it for her!


That Guy said...

OK. I now formally give up any right to complain about setting up my wife's Christmas decorations

Old NFO said...

LOL, my 'tree' is a foot high and has 8 ornaments... I dust it once a year whether it needs it or not... :-)