Updating My Want List

It has been a long time since I have added anything to the want list.

The Ruger Takedown is the newest item.

Here are a few Specs:

Caliber          : .22 LR               
Receiver         : STAINLESS STEEL
Action           : SEMI-AUTO            
Finish           : Stainless or blue
Magazine Capacity: 10                   
Stock            : Various colors
Barrel Length    : 18 1/2"              
Model            : K10/22-TD-USA
Overall Length   : 37"                  
LOP              : 13.50"
Weight           : 4.67LBS              
TWIST            : 1:16" RH
Front Sights     : GOLD BEAD            
GROOVES          : 6
Rear Sights      : ADJUSTABLE
Street Price     : Under $370 

It even comes in a carry pack!
--Might pick one up at the gunshow next weekend.


That Guy said...

My buddy had one of those, and really likes it. I've fired it a few times. It's a 10/22, so operation is not that surprising.

He posted about it at his oft-neglected blog: http://mi2tall.blogspot.com/2012/05/latest-addition.html

Old NFO said...

Meh, I just can't justify it...

Vinosaur said...

It is a neat little rifle. I love takedown "long" guns so when these first came out this year, I picked one up. I am now waiting for the aftermarket to catch up. While is shoots well, it will do a lot better with a lightweight bull barrel. My chief complaint was the all plastic trigger group. My other 10-22 is older with metal trigger group and it is much nicer. When I pulled mine apart, the pins just fell out. There was NO interference what so ever. This has been rectified with custom parts. Otherwise, it is a great little shooter.

Anonymous said...

I like mine. Haven't shot it enough. yet, but sure looking forward to more.
-- ARRognlie