Range Safety

I like to think I am polite when I am at the range.

I mind my own business and normally don't speak to other people there unless spoken too.

Unless I see a safety issue.

In the case of safety issues I am never shy. I will ask people to be mindful of their muzzle and various other things.

I was recently at the range and it was hot. REAL hot. Tons of shooters and even a couple Uzi's rocking full auto. I turned from the line and noticed a woman there that did not have her eye protection on. She had some, but wasn't wearing them. I had gotten a hot casing burn that very day.

I simply said to her, "Range is hot. You forgot your glasses." gestured at them in case she could not here me through her ear plugs.

She looked at me like I had a shrunken head.

She didn't put on the glasses. No skin off my nose. It's her eyes. I did my duty.

Turns out she was a Range Officer.

I was a Range officer for several years at the NRA Range when I worked near there. During the training, the key thing they made clear was that RO's lead by example. ALWAYS.

--Just sayin...


Weston11 said...

Dude, I have never seen that from an RO. Ever.

Bubblehead Les. said...

If I remember correctly, weren't most of them not wearing glasses? But since they owned the range, well, what could we do?

Personally, J.B., if people are putting in their applications for the Darwin Award, I'm not gonna stop them. Even if they are "Gunnies." So long as their Safety Faults don't hurt me or mine, well, I'm getting too damn old to Police the World.