Guns Don't Kill People, Bullets Do

I have been watching in the news the classic actions of Gun Grabbers dancing in the blood of recent tragedies.

They know they are losing the fight on gun control so their most recent attempts are on Bullet Control.

There are fresh calls to stop the sale of ammunition on the Internet. If they can't stop it they want to report it.

The Colorado shooter had a, OH MY GOD, Stockpile of 6000 rounds he got from the Internet. I don't consider 6000 rounds a stockpile. I call it a good start.

They also want to control the amounts of ammunition you have on hand. They are demonizing "Stockpiles". They are questioning why we "need" all that ammo.

Finally they also want to control the features of the bullets themselves.  They want to limit the penetration, expansion and just basically how lethal the rounds are. They call various types names to incite fear like, "Cop Killers" or "Armor Piercing" or "Sniper Bullets", if they can penetrate body armor. "Why would you need that to hunt?".

--"Why do you need...?"  Because Fuck You.



Bubblehead Les. said...

I wonder how many people died a few generations ago from the standard of the day, a Six Shot Revolver? No stockpiling there, right?

Ken O said...

When, except for in justifying a new toy to the wife, has need ever had anything to do with it? Want is so much more fun.