Larry Correia

Stretch and Larry
On Sunday morning I went to NOVA Armaments to see Larry Correia who was stopping in there for a bit.

It was nice. There was a small very happy crowd. Larry was having a good day. I introduced myself and mentioned that I knew JayG and NancyR. He went on and on about how cute Susan was. He continues to monitor the increasing imbalance of like counts on Facebook.

I met some other bloggers and commenters there too.

Stretch, who I met at the Wounded Warrior Blogshoot last year was there and he had his custom-engraved Smith & Wesson model 625 with the MHI logo and the custom Dragonworks holster that Dennis made with the MHI logo.

Stretch wanted a photo of Larry holding it.

When Larry was handed the firearm, without missing a beat in his conversation, maintaining excellent muzzle and trigger discipline, he opened and checked to see if it was loaded. No big deal. I totally respect that.

I even got a good picture of Larry, Stretch and the gun. I could not find Stretchs email address to get permission to post it. (Update: Stretch emailed me!)

--If you get a chance to see Larry on his book tour, do it. Great books. Great guy.


Anonymous said...

I was there! Stretch was the only guy taller than Larry. On the WHOLE tour!

Stretch said...

My address en route via e-mail.
Looking forward to you photos.
Have attached some of my own photos.

Stretch said...

Oh ya, please feel free to post the photos.

Old NFO said...

One of these days... sigh