Range Report

On a beautiful day I packed the car with my freshly finished JR Carbine and my pal Tony.

I tricked out the JRC with the LASER, the EOTech and the GEMTECH Suppressor.

It was time to work it.

There is so much love on this baby now I cannot believe it.

First off, all three sights are on the same point out past 30 feet. On the bench at 25 yards it may be the best groups ever with a .45ACP. All the holes touching each other.

Maybe it's just the added weight but I thing the suppressor reduces the recoil a lot in addition to reducing the sound and eliminating all flash.

I Love EOTech. Out to 100 yards with this it is awesome.

--At 100 yards all the hits would have dropped a Zombie!


Broken Andy said...

Very cool!

Matt_Nolin said...

Why don't I ever see cool setups like this at the range?