Top Shot Season 4 Winner

Chris Cheng
I just fired up the glorious Tivo and watched the Season 4 Finale of Top Shot on the History Channel.

I was VERY happy to see that Chris Cheng won this season!! And he was a computer geek and a gun geek!

"Chris Cheng may not work in law enforcement and he's never served in the military, but this IT professional and opera enthusiast loves to shoot. Ever since his dad taught him to fire a weapon at the age of 6, Chris has been steadily improving his skills on the range, becoming familiar with pistols, rifles and shotguns. He may spend all day in front of a computer, but Chris says his amateur status gives him an advantage over everyone else in the competition. "I don't have any titles or reputation that I need to live up to," he explains. "I'm just here to have fun. And I think that's what's really gonna separate me from most of the competitors."

--Well, he sure had a lot of fun. That was evident in every episode.


Old NFO said...

Yep, and he done GOOD! :-) Congrats to him!!!

Pauline Cuellar said...

Watched every episode..excited each time...the very last day; down to the Chris and Littlejohn...we had a very bad storm happening here in PA and at the last station Chris and Littlejohn were neck and neck...BAM~Our power went out for a couple of hours...had to search the net the next day to find out who won...that suxd! Happy for Chris though! Congrats!