Machine Gun Experience

So when I arrived in Vegas I was heading for the car rentals and I saw a huge bill board for opportunities to shoot machine guns.

I called the number and got the run down on the packages. The went from $99 to $1600.

The most popular "Value" Package was $399 witch included 11 machine guns (25 rounds each). $399 for like 30 seconds of fun.

The more expensive packages have private "Helpers".

"If you prefer, sir. You can watch as the helper fires the machine guns."

They do a big business in bachelor and bacheloret parties!  They have a "Private VIP Range". What stays in Vegas...

--Gotta love free enterprise.


Anonymous said...

I have been to one of those stripper gun range bach parties in vegas.

Wasn't was fun as it sounds. Focusing on one cool thing takes away from the other.

Way too expensive.

Weston11 said...

Most of the guys that go to those places are not serious shooters.

Old NFO said...

I pity the poor ammo monkeys... :-)