Kid Shoot

Nancy over at Excels at Nothing had the idea of a Kid Shoot! 

As in kids shooting, not shooting kids.

I am simply stealing most of this post right from Nancy!

Getting kids started with a pellet gun means you don’t have to wear hearing protection, and so instruction is easier.

An adult can grab the barrel of a pellet gun (or pellet pistol) to maintain muzzle control without worrying about injury.

Targets can be hung at a more appropriate height and distance, and they can be reactive.

Pellet guns, with a proper backstop can be shot in the backyard.

There was more, but you get the idea ...

So, is anybody interested in a Kid Shoot? The date that was kicked around was the first weekend in June (plan on Saturday, rain date for Sunday). Michael W. (retired LEO and firearms instructor) said he’d come up and lend a hand, and JB Miller (that's me!)  has a couple of pellet guns and found a really cool target. Sweet Daugter even volunteered to share her purple pistol.

--This is going to be fun!

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That is officially the cutest kids ever.