Making Cash in VA

Some enterprising entrepreneur in VA came up with the Politically Incorrect target based on the Trevon Martin case. They sold out super fast and made the news all over.

I am completely ok with this. In fact I am sick of Political Correctness.

I love Zombie Targets of Children. Remember the little girl targets we could buy that carried Physics books from MIB?

I love Arab looking terrorist targets.

I love the new bleeding reactive targets with jars in the heads for Tannerite!

I think it's dumb to have to change silhouettes from black to blue because people might think a black silhouette is a representation of a black person.

--I will draw the line at Presidential Likenesses. Not cool.


Broken Andy said...

I find them to be tasteless as it is intended to be the likeness of a real person.

agirlandhergun said...

I don't like these targets. This is already an emotionally charged case and I don't think Zimmerman needs any one adding fuel to the fire.

Anonymous said...

I am of two minds regarding these targets. I do not like target that depict actual people (Except Bin Laden).

But like JB, I am cool with them existing. Free speech.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I DO like Realistic Targets, especially the ones that show the Bad Guy holding a Hostage or pointing a Firearm back at me.

After all, if one is carrying a Handgun for Personal Protection, one has it because one might need to shoot either a Feral/Rabid/Attacking Animal that is threatening/hurting People, or one has to shoot a Human Being that is threatening/hurting People.

If one isn't willing to shoot another Human Being in Defense of one's Self or Others, then don't Carry.

Having said that, that particular "Trayvon Target" is NOT my Cup of Tea. Kinda Tacky for me.

Stan said...

We use pages out of magazines as targets. Why pay money? Travon and Zimmerman have both been recycled as targets at my cabin.

He is right about the PC BS.

But if you want free targets, Paris Hilton is a favorite.

David said...

I'm ambivelant towards them. I would't buy them since they really aren't much more than a circle on a black background. Have plenty of those. If I'm going to shoot at a "human-like" target prefer it to be more realistic. Like this guy: