On Travel

I am currently in Vegas on a business trip. Posting will be light but here are a few random thoughts.

A friend emailed me this cartoon. TSA is laughable. I was sitting in a dull session at this conference and I was rooting around in my backpack looking for headphones. I didn't find my ear buds but I did find a Swiss Army knife that I missed when I travel sanitized my carry on backpack. It had a corkscrew! Nothing says pocket knife like a corkscrew on an xray.

I went through security at 4am and it was empty. No grope either. I was looking forward to a little action. Fastest walk through Dulles airport ever. TSA was waving me through the whole way. I think I was profiled!

--I like profiling.


Harold044 said...

The Tsa has been a total waste of money. The cartoon is funny because it's true.

Old NFO said...

Yep, it's true... sigh