The JR Carbine

I purchased the JR Carbine at Nations Gun Show. The price was great: $549

I have now taken it to the range twice and ran a hundred rounds through it each time.

JR Carbine - .45 ACP

Here is the good stuff:
  • The price point is excellent at $549
  • It is easily, quickly, convertible to left hand eject
  • The bolt handle can be on the left or right
  • Controls are familiar and easy
  • The internals are simple, I like simple
  • The components exceed my expectations in quality
  • My cheap $30 DOT scope did well
  • I managed a free standing, 15 round, 10" group, at 50 yards, in 10 seconds
  • It's .45 ACP! I could deer hunt with this baby

Here is the bad stuff:
  • It came with only one 10 round Glock mag
  • The single jam was using the 27 round mag
  • When empty, the bolt does not stay open.
  • It goes, "click" when empty. You have no sense it's empty
  • To clean it requires 3 different tools plus cleaning gear
    • 2 Alan wrenches
    • An AR wrench
  • You have to take the stock off in order to remove the bolt
  • The Alan nuts rattle loose easily
  • The bolt handle and lower Alan nuts are different sizes
  • No storage in the hallow pistol grip. (for Alan Wrenches)
Even with all the negatives so far I must say I am loving this carbine. It has a little less recoil than the Beretta  Cx4 .40 I have.  I am very disappointed in the after market 27 round mags I bought. I need to find quality huge mags. I worry about how fast all the nuts work loose. maybe because it was so well oiled before shipping. We shall see how that plays out. I will withhold final judgement until the 500 round break-in is past. I am going to need another case of .45ACP!

I have purchased a suppressor for my Glock 21. I plan on threading this barrel the same. Not only will they be able to share mags they will be able to share the suppressor. I am so addicted to adjustable stocks! 

So far it's a big thumbs up for the JR Carbine.

What are my future plans for the JRC?
  • Flip-up Sights
  • An EOTech scope
  • A threaded barrel for my suppressor
  • A good sling
  • A quality hot green LASER
  • High capacity mags

--Need to find a gunsmith for the barrel threading!!


Bubblehead Les. said...

So after reading your post, I went to various sites looking for larger capacity magazines. It seems that Glock only offers 10 and 13 rounders to the Civilian market for the G21. If there is a LEO version that they make, it looks like you're gonna have to find a Police Buddy to help you out. But something tells me that's a No-Go. After-market seems to be limited also. Now you might be able to get a 13 rounder Glock mag and some of those +2 extenders and relieve some of the pain, but I think if the 27 rounder isn't working for you, you might be S.O.L. Check some of the Glock Forums, they might have a reliable substitute posted somewhere. Hope this helps.

JB Miller said...


I am analyzing the ones I have to see if they and be refined to function reliably. I need to try this one too:

Mad Saint Jack said...

Never heard anything bad about the Kriss mags.

there is a +5 base plate out there too.

JB Miller said...

I may have to try these.

DualCore said...

That is a great pic too bro.

Murphy's Law said...

Nice. That thing with a suppressor will be the end-all. You'll have to bring it out this way and be my guest at my new range. Steel targets and the freedom to shoot on the move and practice other tactical stuff.

Mag-wise, I'd go with the Glock 13-rounders and +2 baseplates. 15 rounds in a semi-auto is nothing to sneeze at, not at all.

JB Miller said...

Murph! Sounds like fun!

Gunnutmegger said...

Be careful with +2 and larger magazine extenders.

They allow more room inside the magazine, sure. But the spring has less tension. You might need longer springs to make the magazine reliable.

Mike lindsey said...

I have two of the high cap mags for my KRIS'S and hope they work as good on the new JR I have ordered. With all the craziness going on with the proposed ban I was lucky to find this new one but it was $100 more which I didn't think that was bad as I see basic Bushmasters selling out in stores for 3K. I will report back. If KRIS'S still have some I will order a couple more.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard of this carbine I was so excited I did not do my research before dumping/throwing away my $720 hard earned money. I got it to the range, I was proud to have it and it turned out to be a huge embarrassing trip, this piece of crap was a major jamming pos.
I quickly found out that jr carbine does not return emails but they do answer the phones, the lady was nice and I am sure she gets the crap from thousands of owners. I told her my problem and was polite to her because she didn't make the thing and she even offered to send a pickup ticket so shipping would not have cost me anything. She told me I could send it in or just send in the parts I thought was the problem and she would send me new parts on their dime. Long story short I finally fixed it thank me, no more jams and this thing ejects spent shells like a glock. Those of you that are having problems which no doubt is 99% of the owners know how great that is. I fixed this "was" a POS now a fantastic firearm, just as dependable as a glock. I know just about every owner is pissed about their jr carbine, it is a rifle that you want to love but the jams take over and you sell it to a person like me that just love the looks. I am not going to tell how and what I did because jr carbine still has not been able to figure it out and they have people with college degrees making the big bucks working there that cannot figure it out. I am not going to disclose the fix because jrc is not paying me for fixing their POS and turning it into a fantastic weapon, sorry. My serial # starts with a jrcv04xxxx. If you see serial #'s like so it is a jamming POS. The first serials start with just a jr and the jrcv's are the second generation "I believe" of this fine rifle. I really enjoy this now, I will post a YouTube video in the near future to show how it spits out the spent shells and no jams. I am even considering a bump-fire stock something I know other owners will not even think about. Tell the jrc people when you call and complain about your jamomatic that I fixed it and why can they not do it as well.
happy shooting.