Flip Up Sights

I am currently shopping around for some flip up sights for the JR Carbine.

It has a nice long throw flat top so I will be able to get some distance between the front and back.

The current leading contender is this simple set of Magpul sights. You can see imprinted in the sight the peep pattern that it will have.

The price is medium at about $100 for the set from Cheaperthandirt.com but I would like to see them first.

I am sure they are fine. Gots any insights? Recommendations?

--Plus I am a total Magpul whore.


Sport Pilot said...

I have a set of them on my S&W 15-22 MOE and like them a lot. I'll put another set on an AR.

Mad Saint Jack said...

All the cool kids talk about sights that co-witness... Whatever that is...