My New iPhone

I got my first iPhone this week.

Every time I turn around I find another cool thing, like the fact that it can plug directly into my range ear muffs so I can listen to music!

I remember reading on someones blog that there were cool iPhone apps for shooters.

Searching for them I found apps to help log competition scoring, inventory, log books and other small things.

I swear someone said there was an app that computed ballistic drop by caliber and distance.

Instead I found a ton of cool Zombie apps.Including Zombie Booth, a zombie creator tool.

--Going to have to use it to make some targets for the range!!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Get the GasBuddy app. Helps to find out current Gasoline Prices in your neck of the woods. And it's Free. The way fuel prices are going, you'll wish there was a Level 4 Outbreak!

Anonymous said...

That is the worst zombie ever!

Broken Andy said...

You're looking good there, JB.

The app I use for ballistics is called Ballistic FTE.

Venus Eckert said...

Whoa! That iPhone app is “bloodcurdlingly” awesome! Hee, your edited photo looks genuine. Maybe I should install this one too. Anyway, have you tried the Range Log application? It is used by shooters for tracking performance exercises. I’m sure you’ll love that app! :]