The Want List

I got up early last Sunday.

I stacked up and scheduled a pile of posts and in the process was thinking about the Want List.

I am very much an opportunist buyer. I usually don't shop for something specific, I just wait for something to fall withing my field of view that I have wanted. Most recent example was the Saiga 12 gauge. I happened to see it, new, when I made my weekly visit to a local store to check out the consignment cases.

If I see it and have the cash. It comes home with me. Problem is that some items on my want list I never see in person. I have still never seen a PMR-30 in person and I'd buy that if I did. I saw a KRISS .45acp carbine at the Nations Gun Show but it was over priced.

One of the guns I see all the time that I have almost bought on many occasions is the Ruger 10/22 Charger. One of those will find it's way into my safe some day soon. Mostly because it's great cheap fun to shoot!

--Come on PMR-30. Cross my path!!


Anonymous said...

That thing hold 30 rounds of .22mag inside the grip?

Now I want to see one.

Andy said...

I don't get the fascination with the PMR 30. Its not like 22mag is cheap like 22LR. But its a rimfire round, so you'd have all the break-in and hangups of the 22LR in an auto-loader. Not only that, it looks like the grip is too deep to get a comfortable grip. I guess I'd have to see one and shoot it to get it. But to each his own.

And btw, I thought today was Friday.

JB Miller said...


I wrote that on Sunday and scheduled it.

I like the .22mag round. Try it!

Andy said...

Sorry, JB. I'll try to be less of a jerk. :)

Have a great Sunday. I enjoy your want lists. I've got my own but can't publish them because my wife reads my blog.

JB Miller said...

Not being a Jerk at all!

You could always email me your want list. I promise not to tell her!

Old NFO said...

Meh... at least you HAVE a want list... I gave up wants till I get some bills paid!

Andy said...

JB, just saw one under the glass at NOVA Arms today. They are apparently hard to find. If you want one, boogey up there.

And I was wrong about the grip. It works just fine. But this wouldn't be much more than a range toy.

JB Miller said...

They are all range toys at this point!

I may have to go there tomorrow!

Gunnutmegger said...

Ron's Guns in East Lyme, CT had one in stock.