News Stands

This week I actually went to an honest to God News Stand.

You remember those places that have lots of magazines, the paper kind, not the bullet holding kind.

I was actually amazed in the variety and quantity of big glossy magazines about guns. More now than I had ever seen in the past.

Mags about hunting, new guns, specific guns, dedicated 1911, AR-!5 and AK-47 magazines.

Classic titles and new.

Take some time soon and find a really good magazine stand and check out the Guns section.

--And then check out the female body builder section!! WooHoo!


Old NFO said...

Yeah, the ONLY place you will find those mags IS at a newstand... Bookstores like B&N, and the other big names don't carry ANY of them.

JB Miller said...

I was just at Safeway and out of curiosity I went by their magazine rack.

TONS of gun mags!

Old NFO said...

True JB, the grocery stores do still carry the gun mags... so do the military exchanges!